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Planned outage management for grids – One process to integrate all

Managing switching operations requires peak coordination performance between the required measure, third party companies, staff, customers, government and regulatory authorities, and the actual technical reality.

Relevant efficiency gains and simultaneous security gains can only be achieved by comprehensive digitization.

Benefit from dynamic processes, improving security at the same time

From its start to its finish, the planned outage process involves numerous departments. The integration of the switching measures into the context of the overall task and into the network management makes this solution efficient and field-worthy.


Different requirements - One response

  • Request in the context of the overall task
  • Seamless verification in the control system
  • Automatic determination of the required deenergized area
  • Generation of step lists with required switching steps - in particular for service restoration
  • Integrated collision analysis based on area and load


Every switching is a job

  • Dispatching in the content of the overall task
  • Staff decisions independent of request process
  • Complete information for involved customers and requestor
  • Complete and seamless information transfer to the engineers


Digital instructions replace the verbal switching coordination

  • Digital information exchange between control center and engineers
  • Switching jobs with interactive step lists are sent to the engineers
  • Simple coordination of team switching operations by synchronous step lists
  • Can be performed autonomously after initial release by the control center
  • The control center must intervene only in case of unexpected network states
  • Ad hoc transfer for step list changes in the control system to PSIgridmobile
  • Significant additional information by active network diagram
  • Block instructions for offline operation

Execution of the switching operation in steps

The planning results including interactive step lists are available to the switching staff. The same step list is available to all field crews involved in the switching process so that all involved parties are fully informed at all times - even field crews which are far removed from each other yet must perform switching steps as a team.

The digital switching process also allows ad-hoc changes of the switching steps and the staff scheduling.

Screenshot with step list

Request: Release of a switching step by PSIcontrol (field is yellow):

  • Verification of location (for example by QR scan)
  • Interlock checks

Request negative: Field turns red

The engineer is told to contact the control center. The control center can also be alarmed automatically.

Request positive: Field turns green

The step is marked as "Instructed" in the control system. The engineer performs the switching operation and confirms the execution via PSIgridmobile.

Use synergies - Increase efficiency

... with PSIsaso

  • Schedule maintenance of heavily used assets
  • Forecast-driven swap of maintenance work for network-related cancellation of construction

... with capacity planning

  • Reduction of switching operations by long-term order bundling
  • Automatic annual scheduling based on the capacity planning

Win-Win-Win – Overview of the benefits


  • Simple coordination by holistic view of the jobs
  • Dispatching of field crews
  • Always updated about the progress of the switching operation

Control room

  • Improved work environment due to noise reduction by eliminating the majority of daily phone calls.
  • Real time acquisition of switching states
  • Focus on complex switching measures


  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Capability for autonomous action
  • Digital network information

Overview of the PSIcommand functions

Strategic field force management planning­



Operational field force management



outage management



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