• Field Force Management 4.0

    Outages and crisis management PSIcommand

Quick decision making and clearly defined processes in case of outages and crises

Benefit from these options for precise and coordinated action by all involved parties including seamless and traceable documentation of all instructions and actions.

Protect yourself legally.

Outage logging

Act responsibly

  • Outage logging by the company or outsourced to call center
  • Automatic determination of responsibility
  • Guided call logging
  • Fast availability of information
  • Automatic start of process

The operations center

Act responsibly

  • Dynamic mapping of individual service restoration processes
  • Standardized response to outage and crisis situations
  • Active use of control system functions
  • Fast and qualified dispatching
  • Coordination with third parties (police, fire department, emergency services)

The information center

Networked communication

  • Central availability of all information
  • Automated report logging by SCADA systems
  • Automatic information transfer to involved internal and external parties
  • Digital integration of the field force
  • Communication with third parties (police, fire department, emergency services)

Secure and economic management of unplanned measures

The fast and complete logging of the reports in the call center is the basis for all responses. By the automatic determination of responsibility and the automated mapping of the logged information to the preconfigured processes, PSIcommand assumes the decision making for the responses.

Solve challenges and complex tasks effectively

After making the decision, PSIcommand continues to support the process. The dispatching of operational units is supported by the pre-filtering of the field force which receives the job directly via PSIgridmobile and can act immediately. In addition, the automatic sending of notifications ensures fast and complete distribution of the information.

Precise & coordinated actions in response to severe weather, floods, and other emergencies

The PSI scalable solution allows a business to set up and parameterize a variety of outage and crisis scenarios which are triggered by the report logging.

In addition to parameterizing these scenarios, PSIcommand also supports four escalation levels for the response of the company.

The benefit

  • Reduce the workload of the coordinators by automated decision processes
  • Fast and appropriate responses of your company in emergencies
  • Compliance with notification requirements by automatic expansion of the reporting chains
  • Automatic FNN reporting schema A and B with interface to Interass
  • ISMS-certified integration in the control system
  • Compliance with documentation requirements

Overview of the PSIcommand functions

Strategic field force management planning­



Operational field force management



outage management



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