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Our webcasts and the PSI Blog deal with current issues affecting network operators and energy suppliers. The customer magazine "ENERGY manager" and occasional news reports provide information on trends, research & development, user experiences and new products as well as organizational changes and PSI's participation in trade fairs.


With our information service, we would like to keep you informed about upcoming events (e.g. webcasts), trade fairs PSI is taking part in, and to receive first-hand information on solutions.

We are aware that the daily flood of information is enormous and have implemented an information clustering system to provide you with the information relevant for you in future.

We will be happy to add you to the specific mailing list on request - please let us know which topics are of interest to you using the form below!

Network management

  • Network planning
  • Network monitoring
  • Network control
  • Service restoration
  • Switching management
  • Network calculations
  • ...

Low voltage

  • Network management
  • Networking
  • E-mobility
  • Demand response (load control)
  • ...

Asset management

  • Network planning
  • Determining equipment status
  • Maintenance requirement
  • Strategic asset management
  • ...

Grid operations

  • Field Force Management
  • Asset Service Management
  • Interference suppression
  • Crisis management
  • Switch management
  • ...


  • Yard management
  • Load management
  • Charging management
  • "Emission-free in 2035"
  • ...

Industry und Combined Energies

  • Operation management of pipe networks
  • Simulation (network calculations)
  • ...

Transmission network

  • Market management / schedule management
  • Load frequency control
  • Grid stability
  • Islanded operations
  • ...

Traction power management

  • Traction Power Grid operations
  • Energy management
  • ...

Regulatory requirements

Legal requirements with an impact on grid operations and energy management

  • NIS 2.0
  • §14a
  • Redispatch 2.0/3.0
  • "Emission-free in 2035"
  • ...

Cyber security

  • System monitoring / software monitoring
  • Abnormal behavior detection
  • Configuration management
  • Ensuring the availability (Hardware, supply quality)
  • Sabotage protection
  • ...


  • Remote access
  • Patch management
  • Test management
  • ...

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