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Information for Crisis Management

"Learning information infrastructure for crisis management based on the example of electricity supply"

The focus of the research project electricityinfo is the technical support of inter-organizational cooperation and system restoration in case of electricity outages. All technologies, concepts, and methods for improving the inter-organizational communication, information, and coordination processes have been developed and analyzed in cooperation with the University of Siegen, Fraunhofer FIT, PSI, RWE, SAP Research, and the counties Rhein-Erft and Siegen-Wittgenstein.

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City Municipalities prepare Germany for Electrical Mobility

"econnected. From Aachen to Leipzig, from the Allgäu to Sylt"

Seven city utilities from across Germany - Aachen, Allgäu, Duisburg, Leipzig, Osnabrück, Sylt and Trier - have united as the "econnect Germany" research group and successfully entered the technology competition. "IKT for Electricity Mobility II" of the Federal Ministry of Commerce and Technology (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie). "econnect Germany" was one of five research projects which has been selected for funding. The project was started on January 1, 2012, and the project partners have begun with the work.

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Smart Area Aachen

Networks for the Energy Delivery of the Future

"smart area - integration of decentralized generation of renewable energy in the delivery infrastructure."

The concrete objectives of the project "Smart Area Aachen" are the design, operation, and research of a "Smart Grid" in the city of Aachen. In addition to STAWAG as consortium leader, twelve industry and research partners contribute to the project, including the business unit PSI Energy EE. The first project of "Smart Area Aachen" consortium has been started in mid-2012. Each individual project is scheduled to run for four years.

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Smart Operator

Intelligent On-Site Network Control

"The smart operator optimizes the flow of electricity and stabilizes the network."

Lead by the RWE Germany Group, the project "Smart Operator" is running until the end of 2014. Along with other project partners from science and industry, the business unit PSI Energy EE works on the implementation of intelligent low voltage network solutions.

On 27.09.2014, the live test of the first intelligent electricity network using Smart Operator has been commissioned in Kisselbach, Germany. About 130 residences participate in the test of the electricity network of the future and had their conventional meters replaced by intelligent meters. Now practical experience with the intelligent electricity network shall be collected until the end of 2015 to complement the "laboratory results".

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