Software for optimizing the energy flow

Benefit from customized solutions for intelligent, sustainable and simple business processes in the energy supply industry

We are rethinking software. Our solutions contribute to the increase of climate-friendly energy supply!


more renewable energies through intelligently controlled grids


Resource consumption by optimization of energy grid maintenance processes


tons CO2 savings in the first depot with all-electric buses, managed by PSI software

Network control systems

High-availability control systems for optimizing energy flow

Our intelligent software enables the monitoring and control of transport and distribution grids for electricity, gas, water, and district heating.  The software enables better utilization of existing infrastructures and cost reductions.

Vizualization of network utilization with ISO display

Core competence: Grid monitoring (highlights)

In normal operation

  • Extensive SCADA functions
  • Network calculations
  • Dynamic limits
  • Forecasts
  • Visualization

In case of faults

  • Alarming
  • Fault localization
  • Isolation
  • Study mode
  • Documentation

Core competence: Network control (highlights)

In normal operation

  • Power frequency control
  • Voltage regulation - V(Q) control, volt/var management
  • Limit Monitoring
  • Congestion management / redispatch

In case of faults

    • Partially automated (temporary) service restoration if possible
    • Documentation

    Fault analysis

    Core competence: Switching management

    Before a switching operation

    • Planned outage management, switching planning
    • Step list creation for on-site switching
    • Collision check

    During a switching operation

    • Switching execution
    • Interlock checking
    • Monitoring of on-site switching operations
    • Telecontrol

    After a switching operation

    • Documentation

    Core competence: Data management

    Internal data maintenance

    • Energy data management / archiving
    • Data engineering - flexible master data management, configuration data, plant data, system data, geographical information
    • Computer / control center configuration
    • Interface management
    • Documentation

    Interface to third-party grids / systems

    • Grid data exchange with superordinate / subordinate network operators
    • GIS
    • Asset management
    Event overview in dark mode

    E-mobility / Load and charging management

    Ensuring energy supply for the growing e-mobility

    PSIsmartcharging ensures a reliable energy supply at public transport charging points and public charging infrastructures. The intelligent load and charging management supports both connection to your infrastructure as a stand-alone solution, or operations as an electric powered depot management system (eDMS) as integral part of PSIebus.

    Carport station diagram

    Core competence: Load management

    • Automated switchovers
    • Support for emergency operation
    • Limitation in case of congestions
    • Connections to the network control center
    • Power consumption monitoring

    Core competence: Charging management

    • Demand-based charging
    • Prioritization according to departure time
    • Scheduling of charging processes
    • Preconditioning of vehicles according to their departure time
    Charging level overview of the buses connected to the charging stations
    Evaluations / analyses

    Core competence: Connectivity

    • Upstream grid operators
    • Charging stations (certified interface) | ... more
    • Vehicles (bidirectional)
    • Sensors
    • Depot management

    Field force management

    Powerful functions for efficient maintenance, outage, and crisis management as well as switching management

    PSIcommand enables the holistic integration and structuring of all work processes including asset management, work scheduling, and on-site work by the engineers.

    Core competence: Service restoration management (highlights)

    Outage logging, operations and information center

      • Dispatching board (orders, bottleneck resources, team formation, alerting, dispatching support)
      • Work preparation (standardization through preconfigured processes, bundling of orders, organi-zation of third-party companies, material, and planned outage requests)
      • Work management (dispatching by drag&drop, check of qualification, authorization, time period, ... as well as employee-specific daily route optimization)
      • Integration of third-party service providers (rights concept, dispatching concept)

      Core competence: Maintenance management (highlights)

      Strategic capacity scheduling & automatic dispatching

      • Strategic capacity planning with extended fuzzy logic (bundling of work, annual shift planning, bottleneck analysis, project assessment, procurement optimization)
      • Automated dispatching with KPI optimization (standardized decisions, planning stability > 30 days, consideration of daily changes, answers at the push of a button)
      • Strategic and operational switching management with integration of the control center (annual switching plan generation, continuous switching request process which includes the control system, switching documentation using PSIgridmobile)

      Core competence: Switching management


      • In the context of the overall task
      • Seamless verification in the control system
      • Generation of step lists
      • Integrated collision analysis based on area and load


      • Ihe context of the overall task
      • Personnel decision independent of the request process
      • Complete information for involved customers and requestors
      • Seamless information transfer to the engineers


      • Digital information exchange between control center and engineers
      • Interactive step lists (synchronous process in the case of team switching)
      • Operational autonomy  for engineers after initial release by the control center
      Step list after successful test

      Core competence: Asset management

      Operational capacity planning

        • Overview of available / scheduled resources
        • Overview of scheduled execution times
        • Overview of employee data
          (such as know-how, special skills, and availability)
        • Overview of current utilization of employees and resources
        • Simulation of effects


        • Transparent visualization of the current situation
        • Meaningful planning through mapping of qualifications, travel routes, project delays
        • Cost savings by automated grouping of switching measures

        Core competence: Mobile support for the field force

        All required information and documentation - whether for inspections, outages, or planned outages - are centrally available in PSIgridmobile. At the end of the job, the documentation is completed for the engineer and the subsequent processes are already started automatically.


        • Electronic transmission of operations to units
        • Received data are files, documents and XML structures
        • Transmission of status changes and work documentation
        • Transmission of additional information (messages)
        • Simple installation mechanisms
        • Support of native navigation apps
        • Runs on Windows, Android, and IOS


        • Nutzung Use of adaptive interview without installation
        • Spontaneous data transmission of status and feedback as well as position when connection is established
        • Integration into the car electronics (emergency lights, horn)
        • Multi-channel connection (Tetra, WLAN, GSM)

        Dashboard for mobile support for service staff in the field

        Network utilization management

        Management of tasks in the liberalized energy market

        PSIpassage provides optimal support for both transmission and distribution grid management. Our network utilization systems are modular in design and thus enable you to design a solution that is precisely tailored to your individual requirements.

        Matching monitor

        Basic module

        • Market communication
        • Reporting / analytics
        • Time series management
        • Monitoring
        • Automation functions
        • Master data management

        Module PSIpassage/T

        Operational support for transmission system operators

        • Execution of matching processes with neighboring control areas
        • Automatic processing of balancing group schedules according to ESS (ETSO Scheduling System)
        • Management of transport capacities auctions in case of grid congestions
        • Management of network operator balancing groups (e.g. EEG balancing group or network loss balancing group)

        Core competencies

        • Group coordination
        • Schedule management
        • Congestion management
        • Network trading management
        Display of system orders
        Display control zone management

        Module PSIpassage/ACC

        Accounting - energy amount calculation and billing

        • Balancing group / balancing energy accounting
        • Network usage billing
        • Involuntary control area exchange billing

        Core competencies

        • Quantity determination
        • Price determination
        • Invoicing

        Module PSIpassage/PCOM+

        Central data hub / business process adaptation

        • KWEP1 processes
        • Control power management

        Core competency

        • Master data and relationship management
        Communication overview