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The PSIpassage product family provides innovative solutions to network operators for their tasks in the liberalized energy market.

  • Market communication via ESS/ECAN
  • Automated nomination processing
  • Automated day ahead / intraday group coordination
  • Setpoint determination for power freqency control
  • Provision of setpoints for the balancing energy accounting 
  • Parameterization of complex time series
  • Connection to the control system via parameterizable system order
  • Freely definable time series queries
  • Freely definable data imports and export

The modular and individually configurable system provides optimal support for the execution of the relevant processes in transmission and distribution networks.



PSIpassage in particular

PSIpassage-T for Transmission System Operators (TSO)

In the base version, PSIpassage-T is a schedule management system for automatic processing of the balancing group schedule according to ESS (ETSO Scheduling System) as well as for matching processes with adjacent control zones.

The System can be expanded by the following modules:

  • Control reserve management
    (allocating primary and secondary controlling power as well as allocating and activating tertiary power)
  • Congestion management (Management of auctions for transport capacities of network congestions)
  • Network trading management (Management of network operator balancing groups such as REA balancing group, network loss balancing group)
Schedule Management
Schedule Management
Available Modules for PSIpassage-T
Available Modules for PSIpassage-T

PSIpassage-ACC (Accounting)

PSIpassage-ACC is a balancing group management system on the transmission level.  It supports almost fully automatic balance group billing according the the VDEW guideline "Data exchange and energy balancing" as well as billing of REA and cogeneration plant energy.

PSIpassage-D for Distribution System Operators (DSO)

PSIpassage-D is an energy data and network utilization management system for distribution system operators (DSO) for automatic processing time series and other counter data. This includes import, flexible aggregation, and export of the data to market partners in the currently legally required format.

The basis for the aggregation is the current master and contract data base. The current state is ensured by configurable interfaces to the billing system as well as a fully implemented automatic change of supplier process according to GPKE (GeschäftsProzesse zur Kundenbelieferung mit Elektrizität - business process for supplying customers with electricity).

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