The Multi-Net technology in PSIcontrol provides maximum flexibility to our customers. The control system uses several data models which are separated, for example based on the type of utility. Customers can now choose between a multi-utility operating mode or operating all networks separately. PSIcontrol supports the dispatchers with numerous functions for analyzing the network state. These functions exceed by far the functional scope of traditional SCADA systems and include features such as topological analysis and coloring as well as integrated network calculations for all types of utilities.

PSIcontrol has been designed for a a broad range of operating philosophies including multi-utility companies. The investment in PSIcontrol is protected even when the expansion to a multi-utility system is scheduled for a later time.

The system also provides multi-client capability: several network operators can share a common system and reduce costs.

Multi Utility

The multi-utility integration of all supply networks of an operating company and their management in an integrated control system provides significant cost saving potential.

PSIcontrol enables flexible design of a multi-utility control system. Simply the fact that the same dispatcher now operates multiple utilities at least during quiet times (for example; at night) provides substantial productivity gain. However, this requires appropriate training of the network management staff.

Even when the dispatches manage only a single utility, a multi-utility control system provides significant savings. This applies to both the intial investment and the operating cost since only one control system is being purchased and managed. Of course, this integrated control system is more powerful than any of the single-utility control systems it replaces.