Integration of Corporate IT

The implementation of a company-wide data change process can achieve drastic cost benefits. The following strategic sub-systems

  • Commercial data processing,
  • Geographic data processing, and
  • Control system for operational network management

which are designed as stand-alone systems must be integrated into a strategic data system.

Integration of Corporate IT
Integration of Corporate IT

The possible functionality often far exceeds the state-of-the-art presently required by the market.

Data integration of the strategic  systems SAP, GIS and PSIcontrol
Data integration of the strategic systems SAP, GIS and PSIcontrol

Strategic data integration of the three sub-systems mentioned above including clearly defined data privileges and data flows provides all organizational units with a unified and consistent data basis. This enables effective support for relevant corporate processes.

In addition to the significant technical quality improvements, the possible cost savings also call for such an integrated IT system.

As the cost pressure will certainly continue to increase, the concepts and implementation of our solution are now based on an integrated corporate data system.

Of course, PSI has incorporated all aspects of IT security. Strategic data integration and IT integration are not a contradiction but go hand in hand.

In addition, standardised data formats (CIM) are used.