Ways to Improve Economic Efficiency

After an in-depth analysis of the current state of energy control systems, PSI has determined the improvement standards and process changes needed for today's modern energy market.

  • Concentration of control technology in electricity network management: managing larger networks with fewer personnel
  • Focusing on integration: lateral cross-connection instead of branch isolation
  • Company changes and integration of company-wide strategic IT-systems
  • IT support of additional processes: managing personnel during fault events and maintenance measures

Steps for increasing productivity depend upon the individual characteristics of the provider's network. The energy market competition dictates the changes required from network operators to stay competitive. They can be implemented in several places.

Technology in PSIcontrol is especially suited to enable strategic network management without technical limitations and difficulties. This is supported through our additional solutions:

  • PSIcommand:  for fault clearance and maintenance measures
  • PSIpassage:  for all tasks of network utilisation management