Intelligent Technology for Smart Grids

Volatile, decentralised, and renewable are the main key words for the energy supply of the future. This poses new challenges for the grid operators. The energy generation and consumption must now be intelligently balanced. The increasing infeed of renewable energies in medium and even low voltage networks imposes additional requirements on the grid operators. This calls for substantially increased automation of these voltage levels of the grid.

PSI offers superior functions for efficient grid management as part of PSIcontrol. The enhanced functionality of PSIcontrol makes the "Experiment Germany" manageable. These are only some of the reasons why PSI has a market share of > 90% with the major German utility companies.

New Network Management Requirements

Power generation near the centres of consumption has been decreasing for a long time. PSIcontrol provides the grid operator with complete control of infeeds from renewable energy sources such as wind (onshore and offshore) and solar while effectively, efficiently, and proactively balancing load swings.

For these tasks, PSIcontrol offers sophisticated functions in order to support the grid management of our customers.

These function modules are fully integrated in the control system and include the following

  • Overhead line monitoring
  • Fully automated generation/infeed management
  • Utilisation monitoring for maximisation of transport capacity
  • Congestion management in support of grid management and
  • Forecast calculations (including wind and solar forecast) for assessment of the future system based on the present situation.
Graphic Account: Kiviat Diagram

We continuously enhance these sophisticated functions based on the changing requirements of our customers. This enables our customers to achieve productivity increases between 5% and 20%.

PSI has designed these functions such that the results of these functions are fully included in the network security calculations.  The optimized human-machine interface has been tailored towards the users. It also facilitates easy recognition of critical grid situations and supports efficient resolution.

PSI has been the first company to make these innovations available to TSO and DSO companies.

At this time, the hierarchical grid management approach of PSI is redefining the smart grid market. Our approach is not limited to a static model of the smart grids/micro grids but also includes the topological changes and the daily grid management tasks related to the decentralised management of the local smart grids. This is accomplished by automatic download of the topological data model of the control system to the decentralised components.

Market surveys show that to date, only PSI has implemented this approach.