Operations Management Functions

The control-technical concentration of the network operations requires substantial support for the operators by technological functions. These requirements exceed by far the commonly understood requirements for SCADA systems.

With the operations management functions, the topology complex is very important. The topological analysis functions are the basis for

  • Topological network coloring,
  • Topological interlock checks and
  • Fault analysis.
Fault analysis
Fault Analysis
Topology in the distribution grid
Topology in the distribution grid
Topology in district heating network
Topology in district heating network

The fault analysis effectively supports operations management in fast and secure restoration of undamaged de-energized network areas. It determines the required feeder operations and automatically determines the switching sequence for the re-supply.

For areas with ground faults, the fault analysis automatically determines the optimal order of the switchings required for finding the fault locations. The required switching commands can be issued automatically.

Additional operations management functions such as

  • Planned outage management
  • SCADA Programming Interface (SPI),
  • Post Mortem Analyse and
  • FNN outage statistic

support and alleviate the operators during daily work and special situations. PSIcontrol enables very efficient and high quality network management for our customers.