Network Calculations

PSIcontrol supports extensive network calculation programs for all types of utilities.

The following main application areas are distinguished within network calculations:

  • Support of network operations by assessment of the current network state
  • Support of network operations by forecasting network simulation
  • Simulators
  • Network calculations for network operations and expansion planning.

The simulation poses the highest requirements on the network calculation performances. The applies in particular if the simulation includes the

  • Network protection and
  • Dynamics

of the actual physical network. The requirements can be fulfilled only by careful and seamless integration of the mathematical functions in the overall system.

The excellent responsiveness of the system allows background execution of the simulation calculations for switching operation interlock checks without introducing any wait times for the operator.

In addition to the standard display of the individual values in process diagrams, lists, and tables, our system also provides: graphic representation with different detail levels, easy-to-understand notes and warnings, and settings which can be parameterized by the user.