The Human-Machine Interface

For interfacing with the staff, the control system provides a Human Machine Interface (HMI) which includes the visualization and also the dialog management.

LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN) Control Center
LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN) Control Center

The acceptance of a control system by the users depends to a large degree on the quality of the HMI. The comprehensive functionality and the very short response times are the most important benefits of PSI-HMI.

Since then, PSI has invested over 200 man years in the HMI function complex. PSI-HMI technology is one of the pillars of PSIcontrol. Only complete in-house development enabled innovative solutions such as

  • Visualization with technological intelligence,
  • Geo-referencing and
  • Tandem operator workplaces.

These innovations provided entirely new control-technical design options for the HMI.

The PSI-HMI continues to raise the bar. The calculated individual values are usually displayed in process diagrams, lists, and tables. Additionally, our system provides self-explaining graphic representations with various levels of details. The guidances and warnings are easy to understand. Functions and displays can be parameterized by the user.

Ultimately, a powerful and intelligent user interface is a decisive contribution to the quality of the network management and thereby to the secure supply.

We would be glad to present to you our HMI and its excellent characteristics in your offices. However, due to the required technical equipment, the presentation would be ideally held at our office.