Energy Management Functions

PSIcontrol offers extensive energy management functions for both transmission and distribution network operators.

The integrated forecast system determines future load curves based on the archived measured values and counter values. The following forecast methods are availble:

  • Neural networks,
  • Regression on the basis of a linear function,
  • Extrapolation method on the basis of energy volumes,
  • Comparison day search,
  • Time series method, and
  • Load profiles.

For applications at transmission network operators, PSIcontrol provides the "Power Frequency Controller"(LFC) complex which is integrated in the control system. The PSI system provides all functions for power frequency control which are required for maintaining the power balance in the control zone. Additionally, modules for forecasting usage of the control power products are also integrated. The implemented optimisation strategies allow both cost-optimised use of control power and smooth operation of the control power plants.

The supply power monitoring functions provide distribution network operators of all utility types with extensive functions for checking current and future network information against existing contracts (delivery and/or supply), to create alarms for problematic situations, and to plan and possibly automatically execute appropriate measures.