The Focus: the Networks of the Utility Companies

The uninterrupted supply of energy has essentially become the basis of modern life. Short-term and especially medium-term interruptions of the energy supply affect all areas of life. 

Meeting the demands for highest supply quality and economic efficiency requires therefore sophisticated technology for managing the supply networks.

PSIcontrol is a high-end control system which works reliable even in extreme network fault situations. It effectively supports network management with fault localization as well as with fast and comprehensive service restoration.

PSIcontrol has been designed for sophisticated and economic management of

  • Electrical transmission networks,
  • Regional electrical distribution networks,
  • Networks for combined energies supply of electricity, gas, district heating, and water,
  • Railway electricity networks, and
  • Industrial networks.

Using PSIcontrol provides new options for the increase in productivity demanded today.

Unique features provide the basis for optimal network operations. The large number of networks currently managed by PSIcontrol is proof of the leading position of PSI technology and the energy companies' trust in PSI.