• Optimal Management of Industrial Energy Networks

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Support for different Energy Networks

Modern manufacturing companies face the challenge of reconciling high energy demand, economic production, and minimal environmental impact.
An addition to electrical power, industry often requires additional energies such as steam, which is required by many production processes. PSIcontrol and PSIprins help industrial customers to manage their energy networks, electrical power as well as pipe networks in parallel in a single network control system.

  • Electrical energy
  • Heating and cooling
  • Process energy
  • Ventilation
  • Gas
  • Water
Heating and cooling
electrical grid

Efficient and Reliable Supply

Our products offer the tools required for an efficient and high quality energy management. They avoid and, if they should happen, manage outages thus minimizing the standstill of manufacturing plants.

PSI offers an eco-system of products serving as your toolset for optimal and efficient supply grid management. PSIcommand for example, adds intelligent repair and maintenance strategies to the grid management system minimizing the impact of such events on the production. Fault clearance processes are optimally supported so that fast and correct responses in error situations results.

PSIcontrol, PSIprins and PSIcommand support you by providing comprehensive solutions. They are based on Machine learning process where meaningful. Seamless management of equipment is provided. The tools integrate the grid management process by making the control room information available on mobile devices (e.g., tablet computers) so that manual operations are accelerated and safety increased.


We support you in achieving your environmental and decarbonization objectives.

Benefit from our Long-Term Experience

PSI’s solutions are based on hands-on experience made over many years and many different industries. Many customers in the automotive, chemical, steel, and other manufacturing industries use such tools for optimal management of their energy networks. In addition to different production processes, multiple setups are supported: individual plants, industry parks with several independent companies, or management of multiple plants at different locations are supported by the standard.

Success Story Mercedes-Benz AG

PSIprins significantly increases efficiency

Mercedes-Benz AG has many factories producing their world-class vehicles. Their power demand is high. Therefore, a stale grid and uninterrupted supply has always been of highest importance. This requirements are the key objectives for grid management. Controlling and managing the grid was based on manual operations until the 1990s.  This required a large number of field personnel to monitor the electrical grid, to execute switching operations, and to detect and correct faults in the grid. This was a slow and expensive process. Due to the energy transition and the growing complexity of the electrical grid a grid control system was required facilitating workflows, reducing reaction times and increasing profitability. Mercedes-Benz AG has never regretted installing PSIprins.

Now the PSIprins network control system has been in operation for over 25 years and has become a key component of the overall system. It has facilitated the grid operation in numerous ways.

Axel Eichhorn
Mercedes-Benz AG

Combining the benefits of PSI’s products results in a powerful solution which can be adapted to your individual processes and systems.

  • Maintenance and fault management
  • Cyber Security
  • Transparency across sectors and continuous energy supply for your manufacturing locations
  • Reduced outage time
  • Optimal services for industrial parks
  • Support for environmental protection and decarbonization
  • 24/7 service
  • Update & upgrade service, training, etc. (Services)

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