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    PSIgridmobile – Mobile network management PSIcommand

Mobile support for the field force

All required information and documentation - whether for inspections, outages, or planned outages - are available in a central tool. At the end of the job, the documentation of the engineer is completed and the subsequent processes are already started automatically. Time consuming inquiries due to missing information about previous jobs are now a thing of the past.



Mobile network management during the maintenance process

PSIgridmobile provides ...

  • Job management including navigation
  • Time recording for each job
  • Job documentation including check lists
  • Management of images and files
  • Work in teams
  • Material storage management and material booking
          • Initiation of repair measures
          • Integration of ERP processes
          • Adaption of check lists without installation
          • Operational offline
          • Direct transfer to back-end (push & pull)

                PSIgridmobile - Maintain the overview at all times

                1. Job list: List of scheduled jobs which can be filtered, searched, and sorted
                2. Quick job summary: Time, priority, job type, location, field crew members, supervisor, job documentation, switching measure
                3. Operations involving multiple jobs: Management of mobile storage units, creating event reports
                4. Key word: Job number, job type, job location, functional object
                5. Details: Overview of all detail information of the job
                6. Documents: Receive job documents, attach photos and documents
                7. Job report: Check lists for job documentation, time documentation
                8. Planned outage management: Step lists for autonomous medium voltage switching operations
                9. Position: Geographic images including assets, active network diagram from PSIcontrol
                10. Job-specific actions: Status management, navigation, material bookings (installation, overage) etc.
                11. Home button: Dashboard of field crew, overview page for staff login, job list, network object list
                12. Online display: Connection status for synchronization with PSIcommand

                Decentralized network management
                for networks with on-site responsibility

                This type of network management can be used for pipe networks, low voltage networks, and monitoring of individual plants such as sewage plants for which the control system can provide services without additional work for the control center staff. 

                Mobile - Backed by a powerful control system

                Switching operations in non-instructed networks can be performed without switching preparations but not without job scheduling and dispatching. For autonomous network management, PSI has combined the advanced functionality of the network control system with the benefits of the field force management system. Up-to-date infeed information as well as globally known network states are available to the engineers as part of the work orders. This allows documentation of work steps, update of the network state in the network diagram, and generation of suggestions for switching sequences. The effects of the switching operations are immediately available to all engineers in the active network diagram.

                In addition to the detailed information about the job, the documents, and the checklists for the work documentation, the engineer also receives the geographic map showing the assets and the active network diagram.

                Management of low voltage networks

                Summary of procedure

                • Master data are retrieved from GIS
                • Engineers have the network authority
                • Switching documentation on-site
                • No switching operation planning
                • No management by control center

                Information enables action

                With PSIgridmobile, the engineers receive more detailed job-related network information than before. The current network diagram provides information about the network state. In the network diagram, work safeties can be set and switching operations can be performed. These are transmitted directly to the control system for transparent management and access for all. The engineers receive network diagram updates which provide immediate information about the effects of their operations such as successful service restoration after outages. For every switching operation, the control system can provide services in form of interlocks, network calculations, and notes.

                In addition to the work documentation, the engineers can view the set work safeties after completion of the measure and request the necessary navigation. Forgotten work safeties and unnecessary supply interruptions are now a thing of the past.

                Follow-up processes such as measuring of a building connection, shutting down a construction site, or billing can be started automatically.

                The low voltage example clearly shows the relationship between field force management and network management. Like in higher voltage levels, switching operations and setting of work safeties are part of the daily work of the engineers which continuously change the low voltage network in order to buildings, replace joints, and check transformers.

                Overview of the PSIcommand functions

                Strategic field force management planning­



                Operational field force management



                outage management



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