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    Maintenance management PSIcommand

Improved efficiency by automated dispatching

Good maintenance management is the result of proper balancing of the work with regard to priority, precedence, and optimal utilization.

All operational processes are modeled and executed via a standardized process. The holistic view of all tasks provides a global view and enables to identify and resolve weak points.

With modern AI methods, companies can increase staff satisfaction and achieve asset service savings significantly higher than 10%.

Planning as part of the maintenance process

Planning functions at a glance

Dispatching board

The powerful planning tool

  • Display of orders, availabilities, and on-call field crews
  • Scheduling of bottleneck resources
  • Dynamic team assignments
  • Powerful alarm concept
  • Support for dispatching independent orders

Job planning

Scheduling of the operational realization

  • Standardization by pre-configured processes
  • Grouping of orders
  • Organization of third party companies, material, and planned outage requests

    Job controlling

    Controlling of the operational realization

    • Dispatching by D&D
    • Check of qualification, authorizations, execution time period, dependence on other orders, and availability of all resources (staff and equipment)
    • Daily route optimization for each staff member with display of the actual route

      Schedule six weeks ahead - Very simple with AI

      Too expensive if done manually but it can be done efficiently with PSIcommand. Unforeseen events such as construction delays, late deliveries due to strikes, or unavailability of staff members are no reasons to forego long-term scheduling of jobs and their benefits. The new schedule based on all new constraints can be generated at the push of a button.

      Efficiency effects of planning strategies

      The traditional in-house dispatching results in significant intransparent costs due to uncoordinated decisions. Enabled by the global view of the orders, the central dispatching maximizes order efficiency.

      The automated dispatching combines the benefits of both planning strategies: the artificial intelligence enables the dispatchers to schedule the work efficiently, and the engineers can avoid the decision conflict with own dispatching. This results in balanced work schedules and enables them to focus on their jobs.

      Increased satisfaction for dispatchers and engineers

      In addition to order-related criteria such as priority, required resources, and execution time period, many decision parameters for the schedule generation have to do with the staff members themselves. This includes parameters such as daily and weekly work time, team efficiency, and scheduling of uninterrupted jobs if possible as well as stable scheduling in order to generate predictable daily work schedules.

      Increase your efficiency by a double-digit percentage and provide a satisfying work environment to your staff by automating your dispatching.

      New approach for management of external companies

      Long-term planning enables you to align internal and external suppliers based on your own operational optimum.

      To be precise, this means that the long-term work schedule which is optimized for the own field force provides the basis for requests for outsourcing work to third party companies as well as for requests to other entities such as suppliers or the control center.

      Orders with already started work preparation have completion dates and are therefore the basis for generating the next work schedules.

      Integration of third-party service provider

      Select from the following concepts

      • Rights concept: Service provider itself dispatches the jobs
      • Dispatching concept: Dispatching to the mobile end devices of the service provider

      The benefits

      • Increased on-time job completion and staff satisfaction
      • Increased planning quality
      • Information availability for requests
      • Transparent decision making
      • Additional tasks can be integrated
      • Functioning teams in case of loss of dispatching (emergency mode)

      Overview of the PSIcommand functions

      Strategic field force management planning­



      Operational field force management



      outage management



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