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Capacity planning - Transparent and comprehensive

PSIcommand uses all data for comprehensive and operationally usable capacity analysis: work schedules, absences, inspection orders, customer orders, and project cost.

Precise results at the push of a button: PSIcommand provides you at any time with current information for the next 12 to 16 months as control criteria for strategic measures and bottleneck elimination.

Even externally planned projects and unspecific costs are considered.

Constantly occurring costs which are not yet assigned to system equipment can be handled in a special category. Projects which are planned with separate tools but are realized by the same staff can also be included in the capacity planning as a special category.

... and various scenarios can be simulated.

Running a project several times with different constraints - such as different times for the project realization - allows comparison of different solution approaches.

Operationally useable results

  • Scheduled execution times
  • Available capacities
  • Missing capacities
  • Utilization of the organization and its departments
  • Utilization over week/month/year
  • Costs for various order types
  • Expended hours

Strategic added value

  • Early responses to utilization and bottlenecks
  • Staff management
  • Optimization of outsourcing
  • Simulation of effects of new projects and operational alternatives
  • The data enables transparent decision processes
  • Purchasing optimization

Operational added value

  • Job times are scheduled early
  • Early information about what jobs (likely) cannot be executed
  • Grouping of work
  • Annual scheduling of switching operations (reduction of switching operations)

Capacity planning: A task of the asset service!

The asset service has the operational for all staff and all known work including the project data. For any planning, these data are updated and available at any time.

In the conventional capacity analysis such as in Excel or in ERP environments, many constraints are typically overly simplified or ignored. Usually the result is only an estimate of the required staff without any additional operational benefits.

With the Qualicision calculation core, all input data can be used without any manual intervention. Therefore, the result is informative and provides the best basis for all operational decisions.

Overview of the PSIcommand functions

Strategic field force management planning­



Operational field force management



outage management



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