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PSIcommand offers powerful functions for maintenance management, crisis management and planned outage management

PSIcommand enables the holistic integration and structuring of all work processes including asset management, work scheduling, and on-site work by the engineers.

PSIcommand is equally suited for grid operators, industrial and manufacturing companies as well as transport companies and supports the integrated operation of all workforce management processes related to electricity, gas, and water utilities. Both the management of traditional maintenance processes and the optimization of processes for new construction are fully supported.

Artificial intelligence in PSIcommand – Refining asset data

Benefit from comprehensive and transparent data through the use of artificial intelligence:

USP - Automated dispatching

Automated dispatching – Focused responses to changes

  • Standardized work schedules for many weeks based on operational processes
  • Automatic inclusion of all changes  
  • Basis for lookahead job scheduling
  • Outsourcing based on own optimization criteria
  • Increased staff satisfaction

USP - Capacity planning

Capacity planning – Respond early

  • Bottleneck analysis and outsourcing management
  • Transparent basis for decisions for project scheduling and vacation management
  • Efficient grouping of jobs based on demand
  • Purchasing optimization
  • Annual scheduling of switching operations

USP - Planned outage management

Planned outage management – operate securely and autonomously

  • Improved efficiecy by acceleration of the request, approval, and feedbach processes
  • Increased satisfaction of operations and control center staff
  • Increased productivity by seamless process support including in the control center
  • Reduced number of switching operations by long-term job bundling
  • Minimization of outage times due to faster service restoration

USP - Integrated ERP processes

Integrated ERP processes for work planning and field service

  • Integrated planning for material
  • Flexible assignment of material to jobs
  • Direct booking of material in case of equipment exchange or expansion
  • Organization of mobile storage units
  • Booking of additional consumption

PSIcommand provides optimal information flow in end-to-end processes:

Overview of the PSIcommand functions

Strategic field force management planning­



Operational field force management



outage management



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Dr. Mathias Koenen
Product manager PSIcommand

+49 6021 366-883

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