• Software maintenance

    We provide your team with the support needed to keep the system running and stable

Our services "Software maintenance":

Service Desk according to ITIL

Trouble shooting

Configuration Management

Monitoring & Cyber Security

Service Desk according to ITIL

In order to ensure the seamless operation of your IT systems, staff must be available day and night to ensure fastest possible error resolution and availability of the control system. The PSI service team provides competent support by our 24/7 on-call service for troubleshooting, debugging, and preventive measures.

We will send you frequent reports to provide you with a fully transparent overview of the quality of your system and the services rendered by us.

Our processes are based on best practices according to ITIL which ensures a high degree of structured and proven IT service management.

Your benefit

  • Fast support
  • Quick access - no wait loops
  • All requests are tracked in ticket system
  • Tracked processing status
  • Internal escalation procedures (processing guarantee)


Troubleshooting including workaround


In order to restore operations after an error/failure, we develop and supply a workaround solution which is specifically tailored to the present issue. All required actions are coordinated by our experts and transparently documented in the ticket system.

In case of errors/failures, the PSI systems also save a variety of information which is required for later diagnosis. This provides the basis for long-term resolutions of issues and errors to avoid recurring problems.

Services for preventing and resolving errors

  • System monitoring
  • Reporting (KPI, SLA, availability)
  • Emergency restoration (disaster recovery)
  • Cyber security


Configuration Management

Our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) manages all customer-related data and system elements (configuration items) that are relevant for providing the services described.

In addition to the general hardware and software inventory, the database also contains organizational and commercial information. The CMDB is an ISMS-compliant PSI development based on our PSIcommand product. It serves as a reliable organization tool for the Service Support and Service Delivery groups.

As part of the service, PSI provides you with a report of the stored CIs (configuration items) upon request. You thus keep a complete overview at all times.


Monitoring & Cyber Security

Complex infrastructures consist of a variety of hardware and software components, which provides significant potential for errors and attacks. The holistic system monitoring not only ensures high availability but also security-relevant compliance.

As your reliable service provider, we monitor the PSI software, the active network components, and the SNMPv3-capable hardware as well as the respective operating systems and almost all third-party software  installed on site.

Our modular PSI service offer for "Monitoring" includes:

Monitoring of hardware parameters

  • Basic monitoring (CPU utilization, network interface statuses, network loads, internal component temperatures, etc.)
  • VMware ESX checks (ESX host CPU utilization, memory utilization, ESX heartbeat, etc.)

Monitoring of software parameters

  • Oracle checks (instances, log switches, data guard status, etc.)
  • Syslog checks (invalid logins, etc.)
  • PSI checks (DE utilizatiion, changes to installed software packages, whitelisting)
  • NAS (RAID level, hard drive utilization, utilization trends, fans, etc.)

Ensuring availability

  • Minimization of risk of hardware failures by monitoring (performance, utilization)
  • Congestion detection
  • Spare parts

System security

  • Secure, web-based monitoring via HTTPS
  • Strict control of SSH users and performance of all checks in an SSH shell
  • Encrypted e-mails only
  • Frequent sabotage check by the BMWi
  • Your benefits from PSI monitoring:

      • Third party systems included in monitoring
      • Proactive responses thanks to realtime system monitoring
      • Analysis of system parameter trends as basis for planning and operation
      • Comprehensive reporting (KPIs, SLA reports)
      • Automatic alarming for relevant security events
      • Active monitoring of the information channels of the monitoring system (dead man monitoring)
      • Significant reduction of your workload by using PSI as service provider
      • Optional integration of protection techniques (IPS/IDS, whitelisting, etc.)

    Cyber Security Service

    Do you get frequent and sufficient information about the current threats to your IT environment? The ever more frequent cyber security incidents  can result in significant damages. In addition to economic losses, reputation damage cannot be underestimated.

    It is not only helpful but absolutely necessary to continuously check the IT environment based on information from reliable sources. Particularly since not only you but also your customers would be affected.

    The CERT-Bund distribution list of the German Federal Office for Information Security is our primary source for reliable and complete information about current security threats. PSI also receives security reports about firmware and third party software from various sources such as the Alliance for Cyber Security founded by the German Federal Office for Information Security in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM).

    The information from these sources are included in our continuous security analysis. They provide knowledge about the current threat level to our systems which we forward to you immediately. This allows you to assess any risk level changes and to respond accordingly.


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