• Hardware maintenance

    We are experts regarding the security aspects of your IT infrastructure.

In your estimation, how much staff do you need for continuous hardware maintenance? Does your IT staff know whether the firmware supports all security-relevant aspects of critical infrastructure?  

Based on our long-term experience, we are familiar with your core business as well as the security requirements of your IT infrastructure. Before the roll-out, PSI thoroughly analyzes all available firmware updates and security patches.

When a component fails, it must be replaced immediately. In case of failures, PSI examines your hardware for defects and supports the repair or replacement process until successful resolution.



Our services:

  • Firmware-Update-Service
  • Fast installation of important cyber security patches based on your requirements
  • Troubleshooting for performance issues
  • Deployment of specialists to analyze hardware issues
  • Handling calls to hardware manufacturer

Your benefits:

  • All firmware updates and security patches are thoroughly checked and verified
  • You can focus on your core business while we take care of your troubleshooting
  • All telecontrol devices by PSI GridConnect GmbH are available as part of our partner cooperation. Necessary repairs or exchanges are directly carried out by the PSI group regardless of any third-party delivery capabilities.

Your contact

Thomas Benzing, PMP ®
Maintenance & Services

+49 6021 366-842

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