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PSI Energie EE is the premier supplier of the energy market. Some of our customers in Germany have been using the unique PSI software for decades. Relying on the superior system performance, the optimized user guidance, and the efficient technological functions, many of our customers have trusted PSIcontrol and the PSI expert teams for several system generations. We value the continued trust of our customers. It also serves as inspiration for our team to provide top service, innovation, and efficiency using our technology and functional solutions.

We are proud of our customers who continue to entrust us with new challenges. The realisation of these sophisticated solutions demands dedication and creativity.

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The transmission networks are the backbone of the energy supply.

In order to manage the networks, the control systems of our customers are equipped with high value functions which are based on

  • PSIcontrol,
  • PSIpassage-T and
  • PSIpassage-ACC.

Key words describing the functionality are:

  • Complete network applications,
  • load frequency control,
  • Congestion management (DACF, S2CF, NTC, IDCF)
  • Power generation management and
  • Forecasts (wind) - compliant with CGMES by ENTSO-E.
References - transmission system operators in the world
References - transmission system operators in the world
References - transmission system operators in russia
References - transmission system operators in russia


Control Systems for Regional Distribution Networks

With PSIcontrol, PSI provides a software solution with numerous high value applications which ensure secure operation of high, medium, and low voltage networks. The smart grid functions are an important component which provide network operators with the necessary support for secure management of electrical networks.

Examples are:

  • Overhead line monitoring,
  • Generation management for decentralized energy infeeds,
  • Congestion management,
  • Network applications, also for medium voltage,
  • Load estimation, voltage and reactive power control as well as
  • Disconnector optimization.

PSIcommand supports energy companies effectively in both technical service and operations management. The integration of information relevant to operations, the modeling of the operational processes, and the application of innovative technologies offer efficiency potential and sustained quality improvement in the relevant processes

  • Fault clearance management
  • Maintenance management and
  • Crisis Management.
References - distribution system operators around the world
References - distribution system operators around the world
References - distribution system operators in russia
References - distribution system operators in russia

Multi-Utility Networks

Multi-Utility Control Center Technology

PSIcontrol-Multi-Net has been developed for managing different supply networks in the same control system.

The concentration of the control technology provides significant benefits regarding the initial investment as well as the operating cost.

PSIcontrol-Multi-Net enables management of several logical control systems within the same physical control system. The Multi-Net software system uses separate data model environments. Customers can now choose between a multi-utility operating mode or operating all networks separately.

PSIcommand is particularly well suited as operation management system for multi-utility systems. In these systems, usually many distribution locations in close proximity have to be located. The on-site crews can locate the fault locations only based on precise navigation which is important for efficient fault clearing. In addition, PSIcommand supports cross-utility work by integrated service crews.

References - Multi Utilities
References - Multi Utilities

Railway Electricity Networks

Control Systems for Managing Railway Electricity Networks

Railway companies operate their own electricity networks to supply their railway system with electricity. The requirements for monitoring and control (transmission and catenary level) are on one similart to those of regional network operators. On the other hand, railway-specific constraints must be considered and the corresponding functions be implemented.

Examples of this are:

  • Special switching programs for the catenary level,
  • Forecast functions for planned switching operations,
  • Tunnel monitoring,
  • Simulation of moving trains,
  • Network control (transmission networks).

After supplying all central control centers for catenary electricity and a central support tool (PSIcommand) for Deutsche Bahn, several other major railway companies have awarded high value orders for railway electricity control systems to PSI.

References - Traction power control
References - Traction power control

Trafikverket - Sweden

SBB - Switzerland

DB Netze - Germany

Selected Reference Projects

Industrial Networks

Control Technology for Industrial Networks

Due to the energy turnaround and the Renewable Energy Act, industrial customers are showing increasing interest in energy management functions.

PSI offers control system functions which enable cost-efficient use of energy. The additional module "virtual powerplant" allows energy-intensive plants to pool and participate in the energy control market. In cooperation with production planning, both positive and negative tertiary power can now also be marketed.

Customers in Germany
Customers in Germany
References around the world
References around the world
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References in Russia
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References in Asia