PSI delivers multi-utility control system to DREWAG and ENSO NETZ

Multi-client capable control system based on PSIcontrol 4.6 for Dresden and Eastern Saxony

Berlin, 28 February 2019 – PSI Software AG has been contracted by DREWAG NETZ GmbH and ENSO NETZ GmbH, network companies under the umbrella of the Energieverbund Dresden (EVD), with the delivery of a new multi-utility control system based on PSIcontrol 4.6. The system consists of electricity, gas, drinking water and remote heating networks in the region around the state capital Dresden as well as eastern Saxony.

The previous controlling of the networks in a number of control centers at different sites will be handled in the future in a new multi-client capable integrated system. Primary functions consist of SCADA functions including archiving for all the supply divisions as well as topologically coloured and geo-referenced grip representations. In addition, fault analysis and network monitoring, status and value simulation via online network calculations plus forecasting network calculations in accordance with GLDPM and congestion corrections will be applied.

Furthermore, freely definable switching sequences, typified switching programs and functions for system and network safety management, including load control, as well as intelligent reactive power management, forecasts and a smart grid traffic light concept are offered. In addition, simulation in the gas network, monitoring functions in the water network, process management and circuit planning as well as evaluation of fault processes and the provision of information for the FNN fault and availability statistics are available. Functions for training and education and tools for user programming complete the scope of delivery.

In addition, far-reaching measures to ensure IT security on the basis of applicable standards such as the IT security catalogue and ISO/IEC guidelines 27001, 27002 and 27019 are fulfilled.

It is planned to manage the power division via the new system in a first stage. The integration of the pipe network divisions will take place in the subsequent phases.

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