• Digitalization of the Grid Connection Process

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An efficient and transparent end-to-end digital process

Currently, the energy industry is in the spotlight and changes as well as their impacts are reported on a daily  basis. In this context, geo- and sociopolitical endeavors are exerting enormous influence on the energy policy target triangle of economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and security of supply. Within the shortest possible time, power, transport and heating are to be implemented with technical bottlenecks forming only the secondary basis for decision-making.

Distribution system operators and municipal utilities are facing requirements for which they previously had almost decades to solve. Today's task is, among other things, to master thousands of connection requests, unknown simultaneity factors and the introduction of the cascade within just a few years.

Unlike in the past, today countless private individuals are becoming protagonists in the energy market, either as generators through PV systems and/or consumers through wallboxes. Therefore, they are no longer easy to forecast using SLP processe3s. Additionally, both, the frequency as well as the complexity of the grid connection requests have increased substantially.

This involves private individuals and business owners assumes roles like system operators, power suppliers, grid operators and fitters. In order to process all tasks at the right time, the expected mass of new grid connections to be coordinated in the future makes it worthwhile to go digital - and not just at ehe energy supplier or the grid control center. The entire process, grom grid connection request over the actual grid connection in the field to  the billing of the delivered energy, must be executed transparantly and fast. This requires a digital solution offering a continuous process.

Your question is: What effort will managing our grid connections in the future requiere? We have an answer to this: Manage the grid connection effectively and efficiently with the right tools and always keep an overview!

PSI-Software enables you to master digitalization with easy, save money and working time in the process

The Players

The initial scenario

A private person wants to install a rooftop PV system. To do this, he fills out a request form on the homepage of the grid operator, stating the address and load to connect, as well as the desired date.

The process

The utility checks the connection at the requested location for feasibility with PSIneplan/anywhere and receives feedback in traffic light format. Depending on the result, PSIneplan transvers the network connection point/address with the information "checked" via the system platform PSIconnect to PSIcommand. An order is created in PSIcommand in connection using the requested date as input.


The PV system can be connected to the power grid without further extensions or restrictions.

No contact with the applicant necessary - Next process step:

  • Order to PSIcommand "Connection with meter installation".


The grid operator contacts the applicant and clarifies whether the control unit must be installed in parallel or behind the meter. If necessary, the applicant will bear all or part of the costs incurred for this.

If so, a new feasibility review will take place.

  • Order to PSIcommand "Connection with installation of a disconnectable meter".


A disconnectable meter is not sufficient for the new connected PV; a new line must be laid. The energy supplier contacts the applicant and discusses the costs.

Next step: contacting the applicant and discussing the further procedure.

  • No order to PSIcommand for the time being.

The technician checks the availability of the meter and orders it if not in stock. The meter is parameterized, whereby the meter data is automatically transmitted to PSIcommand and PSIngo.

The dispatcher plans the installation deployment in PSIcommand and sends the order and all associated required data to PSIgridmobile to the field service team in a fully automated manner. PSIgridmobile is the communication tool for field crews.

After installation of the meter / completion of the work, documentation feedback to PSIcommand takes place informing that the job has been completed. PSIcommand sends information about the connection node via the PSIconnect system platform to PSIngo. PSIngo links the nodes with the telecontrol data already available. The process is successfully completed, if the values match. This process supports network transparency. The network operator monitors and controls the load management using the new meter, the energy supplier receives the data required for billing, and operations can schedule maintenance.

The owner wants to use a wallbox in addition to the photovoltaic plant already inoperation? Then the above described process applies too.  However, it is possible that with the wallbox added, the load scenario does not meet the requirements. In this case, the traffic light is set to yellow or red and the load management accouring to §14a EnWG is realized via additional meter exchange. If this is also not sufficient, a target network or network expansion planning with PSIneplan must be carried out for the ralization and strategic implementation.

You would like to follow the implementation of this scenario in a demo? Please send us an and ask for the access data to our recorded webcast (in German language). You would prefer a live demonstration? No problem either: please contact one of the persons listed bewol.

Webcast "Digitalization of the Grid Connection Process"

A completely digital process is efficient and transparent!

The processes starting from the grid connection application to the realization of the grid connedction while integrating the field force managmeent shows you a way to
•    processes the growing mass of connection requests,
•    manage yet unknown simultaneity factors

The result: a smooth process, satisfied employees and the provision of all data required for billing and maintenance.

With PSI's solutions, you are optimally equipped for end-to-end digitalization!

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