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ENERGY manager is our customer magazine for energy suppliers. It is published twice a year and gives you an overview of the latest software developments, user reports, current activities in research & development, international trade fairs and more.

You will also find on our blog selected articles from the current issue as well as other interesting contributions on the topics of public transport, logistics and production.

Current cover story

Electrification promotes sustainable mobility

Intelligent charging and energy management systems for electric bus depots

Public and private transport companies are currently undertaking great efforts to make public transport more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This process is also being driven by political requirements, such as the Clean Vehicle Directive within the EU. According to this act, transport companies in EU member states are obliged to meet minimum quotas of “clean vehicles” when tendering for new buses for local public transport, to procure minimum quotas of “clean vehicles”. This is why more and more companies are opting to electrify their bus fleets.

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Recommended articles

How algorithmic trading optimizes your trading processes

The dynamic and competitive electricity market requires efficient and intelligent technologies to meet
the increasingly complex challenges of energy trading. This is where AI-powered algorithms come in.

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PSI awarded contract for new network calculation system of Swissgrid

PSI Software SE has been awarded the contract for the implementation of a new network calculation system (EMS Core) based on PSIcontrol 4.10 by the Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid AG.

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“Beautiful”—Load-optimized work design for network control centers of critical infrastructure

PSI Software SE is developing, together with an interdisciplinary consortium, a new interactive design for critical infrastructure control centers in the research project “Beautiful – Belastungsoptimierte Arbeitsgestaltung für Netzleitstellen kritischer Infrastruktur (Load-optimized work design for network control centers of critical infrastructure)”.

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