Process Interface - More than 15 Years of PSI-Gateway Technology

The development of the first generation of PSI gateway was completed in 1998. The rapid technological progress of electronic components and the resulting price benefits allow PSI ongoing enhancements of the functionally compatible telecontrol gateways.

With the components of this modular product family, powerful and economical interfaces can be configured for standard tasks. The process coupling supports information via serial connections and digital networks. The flexibility of our technology also enables the implementation of project-specific custom solutions.

The telecontrol gateway components are fully integrated in the information management of the overall system. The communication with systems installed in multiple locations is based on the current security standards.

PSI gateway technology
PSI gateway technology

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Smart Telecontrol Unit (STU)

Compact DIN Rail Device for Secure Smart-Grids

The future electricity network with an already increasing number of decentralised generators requires very reliable and secure process coupling as well as decentralized control.

The Smart Telecontrol Unit

  • Provides secure connection between decentralised generators and customers, and upstream energy management systems.
  • Optimizes and stabilizes the network.
  • Provides flexible use based on its modular structure and compact design.
  • Is used in downstream process coupling of RTUs to PSIcontrol control centers.
  • more ...

In September 2014, the operational test of the pilot project "Smart Operator" of the RWE group has begun. The STU of our daughter company PSI Nentec plays a key role in this test.

STU in use
STU in use