Applications for Mobile Devices

PSIcommand includes a software component for the mobile equipment of the technicians (PSIgridmobile). PSIgridmobile is available on any platform (for example; PDA, tablet PC, handheld) running one of the following operating systems:

The functions for job feedback in the mobile part of PSIcommand are of key importance for increasing the quality and productivity in the job documentation. Feedback informations consists of either status information or descriptive information:

  • The status information reports the degree of completion of the jobs to the dispatching center. The situation overview which is available "live" to all users of PSIcommand is based on this information. The work times can be automatically derived from the status change times. Without any additional efforts, this results in high quality documentation which is the basis for increased quality in customer service, statistics, and billing.
  • The job on-site information is entered via a feedback interview and reported to the dispatch center. The feedback interviews are freely configurable by authorized users, just like the inteviews for the initial fault reporting, reports, and jobs. Information not reported to the dispatch center are now a matter of the past.

The mobile navigation system of PSIcommand is PSI-developed product. It is optimally designed for the process model on which our implementation is based. For example, when a job is accepted by a mobile crew, the target naviations starts automatically. Of course, manual navigation via touch screen is also supported.

If needed, the technicians can obtain information about the system elements (network objects) in the environment of the job site from the dispatch center via the mobile system of PSIcommand.