Plannable Measures for Maintenance and Construction

Plannable measures are activities related to the network infrastructure which maintain its value, ensure reliable supply, or enhance its structure. However, at the same time the market liberalization and deregulation demand cost reductions.

The operational realization of planned measures provide opportunities for increased efficiency if based on PSIcommand by:

  • Reduction of driving times by optimization of the sequence of work locations and starting from home.
  • Dynamic filling of idle times with low priority activities.
  • Combination of staff from different utilities as well as combination of maintenance and fault clearance (so-callled integrated workforce).
  • Start-to-completion paperless documenation of all tasks.

The following major characteristics and functions are available for this purpose:

  • Interface to maintenance planning systems for transfer and feedback of maintenance jobs (for example; SAP-PM).
  • Automatic job scheduling and dispatching based on multi-criteria optimization.
  • Comfortable manual job scheduling via drag & drop in the graphic-based PSIcommand scheduling table.
  • Extended options for recording equipment damage and wear.
  • Creation of jobs for on-site switching based on control-technical checking of planned outage requests.
  • Secure online transmission of job packets to mobile units.
  • Paperless on-site documentation of all activities.
  • Flexible analysis and reporting tools.
  • Flexible and fast re-dispatching in case of unexpected events.