• PSIcommand - Fault Clearance Management

    Identification of faults as well as determination and execution of required measures.

  • PSIcommand - Maintenance Measures

    Identification of faults as well as determination and execution of required measures.

  • PSIcommand - Crisis Management

    Support functions for situations with numerous or severe faults.

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  • PSIcommand - Multi-Criteria Optimization

    Supply networks is resource intensive - responsible for a substantial part of the cost for a network operator.

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  • PSIcommand - Mobile Components

    Reduce load in the network control center by distribution information of all involved levels.

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Field Force Management by PSI

The efficient operation of widely distributed infrastructures such as energy networks requires powerful IT support combined with mobile equipment.

The main operational tasks are:

  • Fault clearance management:
    Fault reporting, processing, and documentation.
  • Operational management of plannable tasks:
    Disposition, execution, and documentation of maintenance and construction measures.
  • Crisis management:
    Preparation of information for management, press, and public authorities during crisis fault situations.

In cooperation with our customers, PSI Energie EE has designed and implemented the workforce management system PSIcommand. For the tasks listed above, it provides extensive functions for electricity, gas, water, and district heating networks as well as for other widely distributed infrastructures, such as the telematic network of a highway network (ASFiNAG).

PSIcommand provides functions for

  • Coordination and support of all operational activities related to fault clearance, maintenance, and construction,
  • Optimisation of dispatching of in-field staff,
  • Support of in-field staff by providing direct access to all relevant information,
  • Reduction of work load in central coordination centers by extended functions on mobile devices,
  • Seamless documentation of operational data starting at the dispatch locations,
  • Comprehensive integration of all involved work functions, such as district engineering offices and scheduling offices.
  • Integration of important commercial and logistical corporate processes by data exchange with other data processing systems,
  • Seamless integration in the network management system PSIcontrol.
PSIcommand - functional addition to PSIcontrol
PSIcommand - functional addition to PSIcontrol

PSIcommand is a common operational platform for maintenance, construction, and fault clearance. The configurable job model and the flexible interfaces as well as the comprehensive support functions reduce the complexity of the different processes and data flows.

The operational management becomes more efficient and simpler.