Security Assessment and System Optimisation

Network status assessment for transport network operators

The management of high-voltage and extra-high-voltage networks is becoming increasingly complex. In particular, volatile feed-in, a reduction in the capacity of large power stations and predominantly market-driven electricity transport place high demands on control centre personnel and the tools used.

With Security Assessment and System Optimisation (PSIsaso), PSI is now providing network operators with a system that allows a concentrated, simple assessment of the network status and presents suggestions for remedying identified results.

The supplied components are status assessment, decision support and visualisation. In the first instance, the database is formed from network statuses determined from the control system (snapshots). In a subsequent extension phase, projected statuses can also be taken into consideration alongside additional information. The status assessment is performed based on conventional network calculations.

Assessment of the network status using PSIsaso
Assessment of the network status using PSIsaso

Smart decision support

Algorithmic procedures and Computational Intelligence (CI) procedures, such as fuzzy logic or neural networks, are used for the purposes of decision support. New, hierarchically structured concepts that enable a quick overview of the network status are provided for the visualisation component. PSIsaso is designed to be independent of the control system. This means that the control system is not loaded with additional tasks and enables experimentation with new procedures without impacting network control. The first PSIsaso project was awarded by Tennet TSO in January 2014.

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