• Our Partners

We are convinced that proximity to our customers is particularly important for successful cooperation. Our central location in Aschaffenburg with its good connection to Frankfurt airport ensures easy access for our business unit to our customers in most of Europe. For more distant regions, we are cooperating with appropriate partners and have started several subsidiaries over the years, for example PSI inCONTROL in Malaysia and PSI Polska Sp. z. o.o. in Poland. These partners already cover large areas of the Polish and Asian market. Several projects have already been completed and are either fully operational or in test. For several years, PSI is represented in Great Britain by a strategic partnership with Capula Ltd.

Through these partners, the business unit PSI Energie EE is in close communication with our customers. This strong communication is very important to us. Above all, we want to ensure the quality of project implementation through our local partners and ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. Our swedish daughter PSIAG Scandinavia AB provides our activities in Scandinavia.

In addition, with our product partner PSI GridConnect, we have developed the Telecontrol Gateway family of products for exclusive application in PSI projects. These Telecontrol Gateways for process interfacing are one of the unique features only available from PSI.

Photos: © alphasirit – stock.adobe.com