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    The PSI Energie EE business unit introduces itself

As an independent software company, PSI Software SE has been a technology leader for process control and information systems since 1969. Around the world, the PSI software products ensure reliable and efficient energy supply as well as optimized production and logistics processes.

The PSI Energie EE business unit provides systems for monitoring and controlling all types of energy networks, asset service optimization (service restoration, maintenance, and crisis management), and systems for achieving maximum automation in the liberalized energy market.

€ 139,4 million turnover

in the energy management segment (2021)

11 locations

offices with focus on electrial energy in Central and Northern Europe
- DE (6), NL (1), AT (1), CH (1), SWE(1) und DA(1) -

500 + Mitarbeiter

PSI Energie EE business unit

18 countries

serving customers on 4 continents

With locations around the globe, our company offers our customers not only investment protection but also a high quality standard and comprehensive IT security. For example, our company has been ISO 9001 qualified since 1994. The IT security certification based on ISO 27001 has been continuously realized throughout the company since 2014.

Download PSI-Zertifikat ISO-9001
ISO 9001
Download PSI-Zertifikat ISO-27001
ISO 27001


The key factors for success of your project

  • Over half a century of project experience in the energy industry
  • Individual holistic concepts based on your requirements
  • Supply of software, hardware, and network solutions
  • Training of your staff
  • Comprehensive selection of documented interfaces and standard services
  • Artificial intelligence by PSI: neural networks, expanded fuzzy logic or combinational optimization - we implement the potential of new technologies for your industry according to your requirements

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