Control Systems for Managing Railway Electricity Networks

Railway companies operate their own electricity networks to supply their railway system with electricity. The requirements for monitoring and control (transmission and catenary level) are on one similart to those of regional network operators. On the other hand, railway-specific constraints must be considered and the corresponding functions be implemented.

Examples of this are:

  • Special switching programs for the catenary level,
  • Forecast functions for planned switching operations,
  • Tunnel monitoring,
  • Simulation of moving trains,
  • Network control (transmission networks).

After supplying all central control centers for catenary electricity and a central support tool (PSIcommand) for Deutsche Bahn, several other major railway companies have awarded high value orders for railway electricity control systems to PSI.

References - Traction power control
References - Traction power control

Selected Reference Projects

Trafikverket - Sweden

SBB - Switzerland

DB Netze - Germany